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We have cracked the algorithm by which FACEPUNCH Studios (Rust Developers) are generating their Beta Keys, so now we can give them away! All accounts will be safe since these Rust Beta Keys are no different than the ones generated by Facepunch Studios. Please keep in mind that our Rust Beta Key generating algorithm might be patched soon so please get your Rust Beta / Apha Key as fast as you can before it's too late!

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How do I get into Rust Beta?

Step 1: You need a STEAM account!

The first thing to do in order to play Rust Beta, is to register a Steam account if you dont have one. Steam is widely known gaming client / platform for PC gamers. Also the game in question - Rust is based on Steam and the only way to ply it is through Steam.

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Now it's time to get your Rust Beta Key! As we already mentioned, we have generated over 1000 keys and all 1000 are available as of writing this. If you look up, you can see a live graph of how many Rust beta keys have been downloaded from our website already, and how many are left.
To claim your Rust Beta key, you WILL be asked to complete a short survey, we don't feel like giving our keys away for nothing, so please spare that 1 minute and make us a few cents by completing it. we created separate page for claiming Rust Beta Key.

Step 3: Apply Your Rust Beta Key & Start Playing!

This is it. Now it's finally time to apply your just-claimed Rust Beta Key and start playing this awesome Minecraft-style Zombie survival game! To do this, all you have to do is log into your Steam account, click the "+ ADD A GAME..." button, located at bottom-left corner, click a few ''Next'' buttons & paste your just downloaded Rust Beta Key!

A Few Words About Rust

Rust is a brand new zombie survival game that's very similar to Minecraft in amny ways. There are servers where yo ucan play with friends. You cna craft items, build houses etc. Just don't go out at night, or zombies will get you! Rust is a game by the creators of garry's mod (zombies will be changed to something else in the future). This is a mix of dayz and mincraft. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ALPHA and game is very glitchy at the moment! Read more about Rust on official website

"Rust" Alpha Video Review